Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater


Air source water heater is an energy-saving system eco-friendly and affordable,

A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy, The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the surrounding atmosphere and evaporates the heated refrigerant runs through the condenser coil wrapped around the storage tank transferring the heat to the water then the refrigerant passes through an expansion valve, The pressure and temperature further the whole process starts again in the system and available in the atmosphere to move heat from one location to another location, The new generation heat pump can deliver heat even extreme weather conditions these can also be connected to the solar water heater like hybrid both air source heat generation and solar energy generation to achieve the huge savings in long term.


  • Air source heat pump can save more than 70% of electricity when compared to the normal electric geyser in this system electricity is used small amount power to run the compressor not to heat the water
  • It draws heat from the air atmosphere so that product continues to supply hot water in all weather conditions irrespective of water heater location
  • The product is reliable and durable very low operating cost, High energy efficiency less maintenance, and simple operation