Solar Power System - On Grid

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Estek Solutions, Inc. offers customized solutions for all range of Solar grid-tied on-grid power solutions, Which supply sustainable Solar Power for Residential And Commercial as well as Industrial Establishments, The company has been providing innovative engineering and design solutions and systems at optimal cost with new advanced technology, We are motivated to find technologically advanced and financially viable solutions to enable individuals to shift to clean energy sources this system, the solar connected to the utility grid on a grid-interactive solar rooftop system is the most common type of solar system this is the battery-less system, The solar generation is first used to meet the demand of existing loads and any excess generation is exported to the grid, if there is a short supply and there is no solar generation and the required energy is imported from the grid, Export And Import is calculated with the net meter.
The solar array is comprised of solar modules that generate DC electricity in proportion to the amount of sunlight available, generating the most power on a clear day when the sun is at a normal angle to the array. The microprocessor control circuit shall automatically adjust the DC-DC converter to ensure that it should always match the PV array Maximum Power Point (MPPT) under varying conditions and transfers the maximum possible power to the Inverter, The inverter shall convert DC to AC & export the Power through the existing grid to their connected loads.
When solar generation > running loads, excess generation is exported to the grid, measured as exported power on the meter.
When solar generation < running loads, excess energy needed will be imported from the grid, measured as imported power.
When solar generation = running loads, there is no import or export.
When solar generation = zero, could be under two cases,
When the grid is shut, solar stops generating keeping safety factors of maintenance
During the night, where the power is imported from the grid.