Solar Power Systems - Off Grid

BrandS U N S O L E

Estek Solutions. Inc, / Sun Sole providing solar off-grid with battery systems for application in various areas of industry and households.

The systems are being recognized for their quality & performance aspects across the used segment.

We have the capability, confidence, technical excellence, and determination, and manufacturing base to give you the best system

In this system, the solar is not connected to the utility grid.

There is a battery backup in this system. This system is also called a standalone system. If the power cut down through the grid, the whole solar system doesn't affect.

There is 24*7 power at your home.

An off-grid solar system is best suited for remote areas and Households Small offices and Village areas, Poor power supply areas.

As the name suggests, this solution is completely independent of the grid and can be configured to power a wide range of appliances from lights and fans to fridges, washing machines, computers, and even air-conditioners!

In this setup, solar panels convert sun rays into direct current (DC) electricity, which is used to charge batteries. An inverter then converts the electricity stored in the batteries into alternating current (AC). The AC electricity can then power the dedicated load. Any excess power generated is stored in the battery bank for use later.