Solar Street Light

13,067 - 26,450
Light SourceLEDBrandS U N S O L E

Product Details: Solar Street light With Lithium-Ion, LifePO4 Battery System.

We are engaged in providing a quality-assured range of Solar Street Light. with lithium-ion, LifePO4 Batteries have many advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries which will increase the efficiency of the street light and also make it very cost-effective.

  • Dimming facility: Programmable dimming with micro-controller included with this feature almost 50% of Energy can be saved. Battery backup can be increased up to 2 days Increase the Battery life
  • Housing: IP 65 Aluminum die-cast housing
  • Luminaries fixing arm: Powder coated
  • Dimming: After 6 Hours Light will automatically dim to 50% Wattage save battery

Battery and Battery box:

  • Capacity: 14.8v 8.8AH To 29.6v 28.6 AH
  • Type: Lithium-ion And LifePO4
  • Permitted depth of discharge: 75%
  • Battery back-up: 2 days with Dimming feature
  • Battery box material protection: Pre-coated Galvanized sheet of > 2mm thick
  • Battery box Protection: Powder-coating of 60-micron thickness

Charge Controller:

  • Type: Constant Current Constant Voltage (microprocessor-based)
  • Rating: 12V, 10A / 20A rating
  • Efficiency ≥94%
  • No-load current: Less than 10 mA
  • Enclosure: IP 65

Unique Features:

  • Automatic ON/OFF control system
  • Automatic Dimming Control system
  • Long Battery Back up cloudy or Rainy days
  • Easy to install with quick-connect plugs less than one hour time
  • Automatic ON And OFF
  • Anti-theft

System Requirements:

  • Duty cycle: Dusk-to-dawn automatic switch on / off

System Protections:

  • Overcharge protection for the battery
  • Deep discharge protection for the battery
  • Reverse polarity protection for panel and battery
  • Temperature-compensated charging for battery


  • 9 Watts, 12 Watts, 15 Watts, 20 Watts, 25 Watts, 35 Watts, 40 Watts, 60 Watts