Solar Water Heater - ETC

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ETC: Evacuated tube collector (ETC) consists of single tubes that are connected to a header pipe. To reduce heat losses of the water-bearing pipes to the ambient air, every single tube is evacuated the solar water geyser features a high quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank and ejaculated glass tubes to ensure that the water stays warm for a long duration. Evacuated tube collector is made of double-layer borosilicate glass tubes evacuated for providing insulation, helps the absorption of solar radiation, and transfers the heat to the water which flows through the inner tube

Benefits of ETC SunSole Water Heaters:

  • Better Performance in winter and cloudy days
  • No Scale formation will occur by using salt and hard water
  • Compressed PUF Insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than the 48 Hours
  • Completely made high-quality materials
  • High quality tested & tough glass tubes
  • Inner Tank made of high-grade surgical steel used in marine application
  • ISI Marked 2kW / 3kW Back up the heater with thermostat ( Optional )
  • Extra auxiliary tank fitted instead of air vent withstands high pressure of cold water also minimize mixing of hot & cold water suitable for bore well water and hard water usage
  • High transmissivity triple-layered clog & choke free collector tubes
  • Save up to 36,000 Per / Year
  • 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 LPD Various Capacity Tank Systems.

Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are engaged in offering a broad assortment of ETC Solar Water Heater.

Technical Specification:

  • Vacuum tube outer diameter: 47 mm, 58mm, - 1.8mm
  • Tube length: 1800mm
  • Outer tank diameter: 480 mm
  • Inner tank diameter: 380 mm
  • Tank Volume: 100 liters to 500 liters
  • Temperature: 65 Degree Celsius to 85 Degree Celsius
  • Tank Insulation: PUF 50 mm( Polyurethane Foaming )
  • Stand Frame: Galvanized Powder Coated
  • Inner tank Material: Stainless Steel Grade 0.5 mm
  • Outer Tank Material: Galvanized Powder Coated
  • Method of Welding: Seamless and Non-Welding Technology
  • Type of Fasteners: Stainless Steel Galvanized
  • Type of Grommets: Silicone Rubbers
  • Type of Circulation: Thermo Siphon