SUNSOLE: Solar water heater we offer evacuated tube collector ETC, & FPC Flat plate collectors, Air Source Heat Pump, are great heating performance products with highest quality design hygienic safe long-lasting performance systems.

ETC AND FPC systems are the black surfaces of the collector that absorbs the heat from the sunrays and transfer it to the water passing through the pipes of the collector hot water being lighter raise to the insulated storage tank and an equal amount of cold water replaces this hot water this cycle repeats as long as the sun shines resulting in all water getting heated and distributed through pipes to the required usage point.

 Better Performance in winter and cloudy days 
 No Scale formation will occur by using salt and hard water 
 Compressed PUF Insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than the 48 Hours 
 Completely made high-quality materials
 High quality tested & tough glass tubes, Solar Flat Plate Collector Panel  
 Inner Tank made of high-grade surgical steel used in marine application 
 ISI Marked 2kW / 3kW Back up the heater with thermostat ( Optional )
 Extra auxiliary tank fitted instead of air vent withstands high pressure of cold water also minimize mixing of hot & cold water suitable for bore well water and hard water usage 
 High transmissivity triple-layered clog & choke free collectors 
 Save up to 36,000 Per / Year 
Solar Water Heater ETC, FPC, Heat Pump
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